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Your Reverse Osmosis purified bottled water delivery service
Why drink bottled water? The tap is right there, and it's free, so what's the benefit of H2Only water?

Reverse Osmosis purified bottled water delivery service in the Niagara Region

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H2Only reverse osmosis bottled water delivery service

H2Only reverse osmosis bottled water delivery service... who needs it?

thirsty man needs some H2Only bottled water

See that quote above? “I cannot stress enough the importance of clean, pure water."

Water is central to life as we know it. It is one of the most critically important things we need to stay alive, along with air to breath. The purer that water, the better it is for us, and H2Only reverse-osmosis purified water is about as pure as it gets!

We tend to take our drinking water for granted, though, don't we? "It's just water." Well, no. Not "just." Water does so many things for us, biologically. It dissolves, transports, lubricates and acts as a shock absorber. I'm not a scientist, so this is only a small part of the whole list. Even that list shows that the water you drink is a big deal!

Drinking pure water is a simple and significant thing you can control for your physical well-being. Take a few moments to compare what you use currently and reverse osmosis purified water delivered by H2Only.

Water, health and wellness

bottled water benefits a healthy lifestyle

Does your current water consumption meet your needs for health and wellness?

  • * Are you drinking enough?
  • * Is your water pure?

If not, H2Only's pure reverse osmosis water will be a step in the right direction for you!

Did you know that when you drink enough, your hydrated brain is more alert? You'll do much better at performing tasks! You'll be healthier and more energetic. Coffee helps, but water helps even more! Tip: H2Only's pure water also helps make coffee and tea even more delicious!

"If you aren't drinking pure water, you are the purifier." Have you read something like that before? Well, it's true. Whatever you take in, your body has to deal with one way or another, and it isn't always easy. Clean, pure water helps your kidneys and liver by reducing how much they need to filter.

We've all learned about the needs of our bodies. Whether from what we've read, or the hard way by how we react to what we consume. Not careful? Your body will find ways to tell you when something is hard on it, won't it?

Not everything is as immediately evident when it is harming us, of course. High mineral content in your beverages makes kidney stones a real possibility. We have plenty of clients who can attest to doctors recommending pure water for that very reason.

Taste and odour of the water

pool water is not safe to drink

"I'll have a dash of bleach in my drink, please," said nobody, ever. However, go to your tap and pour a glass, and that's precisely what you're doing. You can smell it, and you can taste it. Sometimes it seems it wouldn't be much different from getting water straight out of the swimming pool.

Chlorine has its place, for sure. It has saved millions of lives in the short term by killing pathogens. Nobody is going to argue: chlorine is better than cholera. But make no mistake: chlorine is poison. Whenever you use that water, you are poisoning the food you are cooking, drinks you are making, and pets you are feeding. The chemical additives in water affect the body. Research has shown that these effects are wide-ranging and impact long-term health.

Don't forget the 'seasonal flavours' tap water offers: muddy in the spring, algae-infused in the summer, and leafy in the fall. You can taste and smell the seasons here in our region. At least you can if you are drinking tap water. Savour the seasons by walking in the park, not by taking a drink of water.

Confidence in the quality of the water

woman worried about what's in her glass

Are you satisfied with the level of purity and in the water you drink? If you drink tap, are you OK with the fact that there are lots of things in your water that are potentially hurting you?

Not everything in the municipal water supply has a taste or smell you can detect. How do fluorocarbons taste? How do hormones, steroids, and other pharmaceuticals smell? Do you recognize the benzenes in your water? Do you know what chemistry happens in the pipes because of chlorination?

If you drink from disposable 500ml bottles, are you OK with the ecological impact of your decision? If you buy cases of water, do you know what your so-called 'spring' water is and from where it comes? Hint: most of it comes out of a ground-water well in the middle of farm country near Guelph. Yummy.

H2Only takes all those concerns away. Our water is pure H2O. Full stop. Our bottles are incredibly reusable. They go through our system 60-75 times before we recycle them at a local recycling facility.

H2Only takes all that thinking away. Convenience and simplicity - it's what we do.

Convenience and simplicity of our bottled water delivery service

Ready to deliver some H2Only bottled water to you!

At home, at work, anywhere.

Need to have bottled water available at all times at home or throughout your organization? H2Only's bottled water delivery service for your family or staff is significantly beneficial. A healthy, hydrated brain will help you and those around you to be more productive. Same with your body: more energy and lowered environmental stresses will be among the benefits of drinking pure water in sufficient quantity.

It's your choice whether to place your order when you need it or have H2Only replenish your empty bottles on set delivery days. Many residential customers and most businesses/institutions prefer scheduled automatic deliveries. That way, the water you need is always there for you. Let us worry about making sure you stay restocked!

By the way, H2Only is a bit unusual in the bottled water delivery business. ’Scheduled delivery date’ does not mean ’only delivery date’. If you need a delivery, make the call. We'll be there the next time we're in your neighbourhood, even if it's not on your scheduled date.

Delivery service of the purest bottled water available is what we do, and we strive to make it as hassle-free as we can. You can have reverse osmosis purified water delivered to one location or many. Whatever you need, we are here to serve you.

Start taking delivery of H2Only's reverse osmosis purified drinking water! We deliver it in 3 and 5-gallon bottles, and of course have coolers available for sale or rent. Enjoy the taste of pure water and it's health benefits!

pure reverse osmosis bottled water delivery service to your home and workplace in the niagara region