"Thank you, Wilma and John for being the great people you are! I hope you will be in this service for a very long time. My little pup, Franie, also drinks H2Only and I hope it helps her to feel as good as I do!"
Carol Dodge - Secretary, Student Services, Governor Simcoe Secondary School

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H2Only Delivers!

When it comes to getting purified drinking water to your door, H2Only delivers. Homes, schools, businesses, offices, construction sites... you name it, we’ll cheerfully deliver bottled water to you. If you have a front door or loading dock we can get our delivery truck close to, we're there!


Our current coverage includes the Niagara Region from Fort Erie to Stoney Creek, and from Lake Ontario to Lake Erie (Port Colbourne to Fort Erie) and we are constantly expanding. Not sure you are in our delivery area? Just give us a call!

Please visit our "products" pages for more information on what we offer and pricing. Please note that H2Only does not add surcharges, delivery charges, fuel tariffs, or fees for service. The price we advertize is the price you pay...pure and simple (much like our water!) Also, please be aware that sales of bottled water in any bottle 610ml or larger is not taxable... so we don't charge taxes on it.

If you are interested in our service, please call the office at 905-934-0966.

If you are already a customer and wish to place an order, please use our delivery request form , or of course call the office. Please place your order before 8 PM for delivery on our next delivery day in your area.