"Once you use this water I believe you will never go back especially if you drink city tap water, since we have started using this bottled water I cannot drink city water because of the smell and taste of the chlorine. I used to think water was water, and it amazes me how much of a difference there is between each different brand...once you have had GOOD water it is incredible just how much you can taste the difference. I cannot say enough about this just need to give it a try."
Tammy and Randy LeBlanc

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H2Only newsletters, media articles, and opinions related to the bottled water industry

This area is a repository for the newsletters we send to our customers, news articles and opinions regarding water, the bottled water industry, and other subjects relating to hydration and health. Lead-ins to the most recent entries are posted here

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With our busy season rapidly approaching, we came up with a GREAT idea!

News Article : "Don't plan on eating fish from Lake Gibson anytime soon"

Signs will soon be popping up around Lake Gibson to warn local residents about risks and restrictions, now that the results of a study are in.

Opinion : Lake Gibson's toxic fish

The fish in our drinking water are toxic, but what about the water itself?