"My family has been drinking H2Only water for several years now. The water is so good that we order on a more regular basis and had to increase our deliveries to 4 bottles each time. There have been times where we were completely out of water on the weekend, so I called, left a message and voila - the water arrived first thing Monday! Now, that is what I call service. Thank you, thank you H2Only! Keep up the great work."
A very satisfied customer..... Heather De Cal

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H2Only newsletters, media articles, and opinions related to the bottled water industry

This area is a repository for the newsletters we send to our customers, news articles and opinions regarding water, the bottled water industry, and other subjects relating to hydration and health. Lead-ins to the most recent entries are posted here

Newsletter : Go Green with H2Only!

With our busy season rapidly approaching, we came up with a GREAT idea!

News Article : "Don't plan on eating fish from Lake Gibson anytime soon"

Signs will soon be popping up around Lake Gibson to warn local residents about risks and restrictions, now that the results of a study are in.

Opinion : Lake Gibson's toxic fish

The fish in our drinking water are toxic, but what about the water itself?