"I have only been using H2O for about a year now. The taste is the best I have experienced and I have been buying water for many, many years. The delivery is prompt and friendly. I can order on-line or by telephone and I know that I will see those lovely bottles of water on my doorstep the next day, if not the same day. I used to pick up water, but this is such a convenience and the price is very competitive. I encouraged my daughter and her husband to start ordering from H2O and they love it too. I work at Governor Simcoe, and H2O supplies us there. I have noticed that the water is disappearing faster than other water from previous suppliers. Thank you, Wilma and John for being the great people you are! I hope you will be in this service for a very long time. My little pup, Franie, also drinks H2O and I hope it helps her to feel as good as I do!"
Carol Dodge - Secretary, Student Services, Governor Simcoe Secondary School

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4/25/2010: The fish in our drinking water are toxic, but what about the water itself?

On Thursday, April 22, 2010, the St Catharines Standard pubished an article about fish in the Lake Gibson reservoir.
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