"I believe that is has been just over one year that Autism Ontario - Niagara Chapter has been getting water from H2Only. It started with 3 bottles of free water to try and if we liked it (which we did!) we could continue to order from H20nly. It was explained that we were a very small office and did not go through a large amount of water; however H20nly was willing to meet our needs. Service has been wonderful as you are just a phone call away. Your generosity at our fund raising event - Cycle for Autism was fabulous as well. We have no qualms of staying with H2Only. Thank you!"
Nicole A.

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4/25/2010: The fish in our drinking water are toxic, but what about the water itself?

On Thursday, April 22, 2010, the St Catharines Standard pubished an article about fish in the Lake Gibson reservoir.
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