"The only thing more refreshing than H2Only's water is the level of care they deliver it with! All of my phone calls are answered with a friendly and informed voice. Each delivery arrives with a smile and a helping hand."
Talon Crookes

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H2Only: Our history and goals


H2Only started in 1994 as "Purely Water Niagara", a name we kept for the first several years we were in business. However, people had a hard time remembering it, and it took up a lot of space on our business cards and other printable materials, so in 1999 we changed it to H2Only. Seems like the perfect name for our business, too: simple, direct, and singular. We only do water, so the name might as well say so.

Simply put, we are, as we always have been, dealing with the business of providing the cleanest possible water at reasonable cost with exemplary service. Using high-quality equipment, carefully maintained, we are able to produce Reverse Osmosis water that meets or exceeds any 'pure water' needs that may arise, whether that be for the simple pleasure of drinking water that you know is as clean as it can be, all the way to supplying the ulta-pure water requirements of medical autoclaves.

H2Only has one simple goal: to be the best bottled water supplier in the Niagara Peninsula. In order to meet that goal, we have to achieve three benchmarks:

Are those high benchmarks? Frankly, yes they are. Perhaps not individually, but as a group, it can be challenging. But: we meet those goals. Every single day. For every single client. If we didn't, we we'd be just another water company, and that just isn't what we're about!.