"I have only been using H2O for about a year now. The taste is the best I have experienced and I have been buying water for many, many years. The delivery is prompt and friendly. I can order on-line or by telephone and I know that I will see those lovely bottles of water on my doorstep the next day, if not the same day. I used to pick up water, but this is such a convenience and the price is very competitive. I encouraged my daughter and her husband to start ordering from H2O and they love it too. I work at Governor Simcoe, and H2O supplies us there. I have noticed that the water is disappearing faster than other water from previous suppliers. Thank you, Wilma and John for being the great people you are! I hope you will be in this service for a very long time. My little pup, Franie, also drinks H2O and I hope it helps her to feel as good as I do!"
Carol Dodge - Secretary, Student Services, Governor Simcoe Secondary School

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H2Only delivers cups!

Need cups and a dispenser for your cooler? We can set up a dispenser and supply the cups:
~$20.00 for the dispenser (installed, works on most coolers
~5-oz and 8-oz compostible cups at $6.00 per tube of 100 cups (flat bottomed- can be reused)